Gascoyne Region Western Australia


The Venus Metals has 204 square kilometres at the Yangibana North Rare Earths Project is located 10km North of the Hastings Technology Metals Ltd (ASX:HAS) Yangibana 21M tonnage Rare Earths Project in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia.

Rare earths (REE) have emerged as important resources, driven by the technology revolution and more recently the increasingly growing market for EV and renewable energy generation.

China is the worlds largest overall global producer and miner of rare earths, with demand growing in the EV and renewable energy sectors. These companies will be looking to de-risk supply chains and look for new suppliers other than China.

Recently awarded exploration licence ELA09/2541 is in an area considered prospective for rare earth elements (REE).

ELA09/2541 is located some 10 km north of the Yangibana carbonatite field and is considered prospective for carbonatite-hosted REE mineralization. It is best accessed via Gascoyne Junction.

Rare earth targets have been identified in the southern section of the tenement ELA09/2541 along  ESE-WNW trends in the magnetic imagery that may potentially represent carbonatite sills within the Durlacher Supersuite, showing a similar orientation to the Yangibana carbonatites to the south.

Follow up field work is planned in 2022.



REE and PGE Targets at ELA09/2541 on GSWA 100K Geology Map.

money dolerite

REE and PGE Target areas at ELA09/2541 on Regional Aeromagnetic Image.